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If YOU Thought of It...
If YOU Created It,

The Berne Convention on Copyright is The Law on Copyright. And intelLoc™ makes sure that you're protected by it.

Forward-thinking Creators of Intellectual Property from all walks of life benefit from using intelLoc. The system was originally designed with Songwriters and Authors in mind - but the word is spreading as fast as a California wildfire.

Now intelLoc is protecting a lot more than Songs, Music and Stories...

So Who's Who in intelLoc???

So far, our community of intelLoc users has spread to include more than Songwriters and Authors. Our members now include Bloggers, Designers, Programmers, Website Owners, Painters, Cartoonists, Photographers... there are a lot of Creative People out there who reckon their Intellectual Property is worth a lot more than $9.95.

Just think to yourself... How would I feel if someone used my Intellectual Property without my permission... or used my Ideas to make money and then pay me NOTHING???  It happens all the time. It's happening NOW.

In 2007, in the USA alone, Copyright Owners were
Ripped Off to the tune of $58 Billion -
that works out at
$6,621,004 US Dollars Per Hour.

But using the intelLoc Copyright Registration System is a powerful way to discourage unscrupulous people from using your ideas or work without your consent - and it's a powerful way to discourage unscrupulous people from simply 'lifting' your private, Copyright, Intellectual Material from the Internet. Which you can do with a 'right click' of that mouse!

Using intelLocis like surrounding your
Property with Razor Wire.

Whatever your interest - if you've got an original thought in your head, if you have Intellectual Property you want to keep YOURS, or especially material that could make you money, you need to try this. And right now, there'a very special offer waiting for you...

*Please note this Free Trial is Limited to
the First 250 People who Apply*

Who Joins intelLoc and Why?

1) The Professional User: These intelLoc Members use the system to register the copyright of their material as soon as they record it in their intelLoc WorkSpace. This is fast, easy and inexpensive and it's instant. When they get 'a deal' in some cases (songwriters in particular), they will apply for a full US Copyright.


2) The Private User: These intelLoc Users are also members of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Friends Reunited, YouTube, Flickr, MySpace etc. If you use Social Networking sites like these and you want to discourage unscrupulous people or companies from stealing & using your material, you can simply intelLoc it before you post it online.


NB: Many countries, (the United Kingdom for example), don't offer any 'Official' Copyrighting service. intelLoc© Users from those countries use the intelLoc Patent Pending Copyright System to establish their Copyright in accordance with the terms of the Berne Convention.


The direct link to the terms of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works is here: http://www.wipo.int/treaties/en/ip/berne/trtdocs_wo001.html


How does it work? Your intelLoc Membership, includes your personalized,  intelLoc WorkSpaceThis is a bit like an Email program but much simpler - no 'inbox, 'outbox', 'reply' or 'forward'.


*Please note this Free Trial is Limited to
the First 250 People who Apply*

To instantly record the copyright of your work, simply input your material into your  intelLoc WorkSpace. It's a lot easier than writing an Email. You can 'copy & paste' too. When you're done creating, you have 2 options. If it's 'Work in Progress', you save it for later, the same as a normal document.


Then tomorrow, next week, next month or whenever you choose, you can simply and quickly go back to your material and add to it or edit it.


When you're finished with the work, you click a button that says copyRight Now! and  the system will ask you if you're sure.  You click 'yes' and your work is instantly lodged in the  intelLoc DESCS system and 'fixed' as required by the terms of the Berne Convention.


Within moments, you receive your personalized, intelLoc Worldwide Copyright Registration Certificate that confirms your material is now copyrighted in over 160 Countries.


This is your original 'Claim to Copyright' and it's will now be processed using the  intelLoc Patent Pending Copyright Registration System.


If your work is stolen, this also provides you with Fully Independent, Third Party Testimony as to the existence of your Copyright... when you registered it
to the SECOND
- not just the date.


*Please note this Free Trial is Limited to
the First 250 People who Apply*

If you have any more questions, drop me a line at [email protected].


Norman MacLeod,
intelLoc Founder.



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