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We're Giving away 250 Copyrights FREE.
Not $45.00. Not $9.95. Just Free.


intelLoc™ is a revolutionary, 21st Century way to Copyright your Intellectual Property online, instantly. Songs, Music, Lyrics, Poems, Designs, Logos, Sculptures, Art Works...


But I would be a bit Suspicious if I was you.


The US Government's Copyright Office charges $45.00 to register ONE Copyright. The intelLoc System costs just $9.95 per Copyright. If I was to read this on a website, I'd be saying to myself, This sounds too good to be true...


Well, Here's the Bottom Line.


It IS good.  But it IS true.  intelLoc uses the latest, digital technology to keep paperwork and labor down to an absolute minimum. We depend on a lot of members paying a little money. We use very high security systems and we use the absolute best servers available today to process and secure your valuable material in our Patent-Pending DESCS System.


No way are we trying to tell anybody that we're in competition with the US Copyright Service - far from it. We recommend that out Members USE the US System when they've reached a point where their material is about to begin making them money - especially as an official US Copyright offers Statutory Protection in US Courts.


But our members in the UK and some European countries have NO official Government Copyright - so  intelLoc is even more important to them.


intelLoc is simple, it's fast, it provides instant Copyright Protection as detailed in the Berne Convention on Literary and Artistic Works and it's inexpensive too.


Try out  intelLocfor free. After your Free Trial, you can continue to register your Copyrights for $9.95 each and your Copyrights will be registered, recorded and securely stored for FIVE years.


No Risk - 250 Copyrights for FREE!


The first 250 People who apply will receive their Berne Convention-Compliant Copyright free of charge. Why? To let you see just how easy, simple and quick it can be to Copyright your material!


*Please note this Free Trial is Limited to
the First 250 People who Apply*

And here's a thought for you...


Credit Crunch Special Offer!


During the current Worldwide economic slump, Creative People are working harder than ever to try and provide themselves and their families with additional income from their Intellectual Property.


You can also join  intelLoc as a Full Member for just $9.95 a month. What do you get?  Look at this:


intelLoc™ Full Membership Package...

  • Unlimited Copyrighting - Copyright as many works as you want, including text, photos, data files, designs, logos etc...

  • intelLoc™ Bulletin Membership of our Monthly Newsletter for the Creative Community...

  • intelLoc™ Forum Post your comments, chat, look for collaborations, compare notes & resources...

  • All future intelLoc™ Upgrades included.

Joining intelLoc™ as a Full Member, your credit card will be billed $9.95 per month and you can cancel anytime. No catches!


But don't decide now! Try it out Free of Charge First!


*Please note this Free Trial is Limited to
the First 250 People who Apply*



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