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You Got Here with a Few Clicks of a Mouse.
Now you can Copyright your Material
the same way. But with LESS Clicks.


Instantly Protect Your Property In Over 160 Countries.


I want you to use your imagination here
for just a minute...


Let's say you're walking down the street with a $50 bill in your pocket. (If you're in the UK, imagine a crisp, shiny £50 note. If you're in Europe, it's 50€. You get the picture...)

You stop to look in a shop window. This Smart Alec comes up behind you and slips his hand in your pocket and takes your 50 smackers. Nobody sees him but you. No witnesses.

The date is 25th October, 2008 and the time is 12:02:36 seconds precisely. (Remember that time!)

But there's a cop right there at the corner! You shout "Hey! I've been robbed!" and the cop comes running over. "This guy just took my money! That's it right there, in his hand!"

The Cop says to the Smart Alec, "Is this true?"

Smart Alec says, "No, it's a lie. This is MY money and I was just going into this shop to buy something."

The Cop then turns to you. "Can you prove that this is your banknote?"

Scenario nº 1: You can't. Unless you have a clear, independent witness, you can't prove it. So Smart Alec walks off with your money. You lose. How would that feel?

Scenario nº 2: You CAN prove it. "Yes, Officer, I can. Take a look at this..." and you hand him a sheet of paper. "Here's my certificate. It clearly shows that this banknote was in MY pocket today, 25th October, 2008, at precisely 12:02:36 seconds."

"Aha!" say the policeman, pulling out his handcuffs...

"Oh, and one more thing, Officer - if you look here, you'll see that my certificate also carries the serial number of my banknote. There is is, printed right there. If you take a look at the banknote, you'll see that the numbers match exactly."

Who do you think the Policeman is going to believe NOW?

So YOU get your Cash back and Smart Alec
gets hauled up in front of the Judge.


And in the Real World, those 'Smart Alecs' are pocketing
OVER $6,600,000 Bucks of Copyright Material EVERY HOUR.


intelLoc INSTANTLY registers and records your Intellectual Property. And not only does the intelLoc System create your Copyright Certificate - it cross-references your Work with a unique 'serial number' like a banknote.


On top of that, intelLoc's Patent Pending DESCS System keeps a registered copy of the exact day, date and time to the very second that you copyrighted your work.


*Please note this Free Trial is Limited to
the First 250 People who Apply*

What IS 'Copyright' Anyway?


The Law of copyright is dead simple: there are just TWO simple steps to take -

1) You write something down on a piece of paper - it can be in words, or a design or a logo, or a piece of music, or a stream of data to create a ring tone or a program for example. Or record it on a CD or in a computer file. Then -

2) You write 'Copyright by' [YOUR NAME] and the date at the bottom. And Voilà! That's it. This is now your copyright under the law in over 160 countries. Nobody can use this without your say-so. But there's a problem with this. A HUGE problem...


The Problem is... Proving It.

If someone rips off your copyrighted material, they're breaking the law. Simple as falling off a log. But what's not so simple is actually proving that you copyrighted your story, your song, your music, your design, your data...when you claim you did.


Which is why Law Courts Worldwide are overflowing
with cases of Copyright Infringement.

The United States Copyright Office provides the best copyrighting service. In fact, if you copyright using this system, you can qualify for statutory damages if someone steals your stuff, same as J.K.Rowling, the 'Harry Potter' lady did in September 2008. The direct link to this is here - http://www.copyright.gov/

But it's pretty expensive - $45.00 per copyright. That's not a lot to successful authors like J.K., but it's a lot to people like me! Maybe to you too. But it DOES prove that you copyrighted your stuff when you said you did.

What the US Copyright Office is really doing is 'bearing witness' to the fact that you are the creator of your property. And that's exactly what intelLoc does - but for $9.95 per Copyright, not $45.00.


So using intelLoc, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your Copyright has been registered effectively in over 160 Countries INSTANTLY.


And now you don't have to wait for months
until your Official Copyright is registered.



Right Now, you can try the WHOLE
™ System FREE.

*Please note this Free Trial is Limited to
the First 250 People who Apply*





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